Shane Documentary Sky Arts

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Sky Arts have made a documentary, following Shane as he gets his new dental implants.  The documentary, entitled Shane MacGowan: A Wreck Reborn, features interviews with family and friends and will be shown on Sky Arts on Sunday 20th December at 10pm (GMT).

Jock Scot: Services to Rock and Roll

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Shane MacGowan has contributed to a documentary on poet, musician and purveyor of the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, Jock Scot.

Edinburgh raised Scot began his musical career as a roadie, but after realising he just wasn’t very good at it – ended up becoming more of a spiritual advisor / general entertainer whose role was to “alleviate boredom and keep the spirits high”. He accompanied legendary bands on tour including The Clash, Madness and Ian Dury And The Blockheads, and is a close friend of Shane MacGowan.
Shane is one of a number of friend and admirers who have given a testimony for the film – entitled: ‘Jock Scot: Services to Rock and Roll.

You can read more about the film and this legendary character in the September issue of Mojo magazine.

Jock Scot – Services To Rock N Roll – Trailer #1 from Services to Rock N Roll on Vimeo.

Shane recovering from pelvic fracture

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Shane is home from a spell in hospital, after falling and suffering a pelvic fracture.  He’s in good spirits, but will need a period of rest and physiotherapy to get him back to full throttle!  He wanted to post here his thanks for all the good wishes and get-well messages he received from fans and friends near and far.  He hopes to be a two-legged mammal again soon!

Pogues own Irish Whiskey launched

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The Pogues have announced the arrival of their own unique blend of Irish Whiskey in conjunction with one of Ireland’s last independent distilleries, West Cork Distillers.  The arrival has been met with much glee, and the whiskey was launched in the iconic Boogaloo pub, London, on Friday 24th July.  The whiskey will be sold internationally and sales info. will be available soon.  Visit the website here

Pics of launch below:







Shane & Pete Doherty 3Arena, Dublin.

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On July 9th, Shane joined Pete Doherty and the Libertines onstage at their gig at the 3Arena, Dublin, to round off the festivities in rousing fashion! ( Pics:  Shane onstage with the Libertines and friends, and backstage at 3Arena).