Shane recovering from pelvic fracture

Written by CatMac

Shane is home from a spell in hospital, after falling and suffering a pelvic fracture.  He’s in good spirits, but will need a period of rest and physiotherapy to get him back to full throttle!  He wanted to post here his thanks for all the good wishes and get-well messages he received from fans and friends near and far.  He hopes to be a two-legged mammal again soon!

Pogues own Irish Whiskey launched

Written by CatMac



The Pogues have announced the arrival of their own unique blend of Irish Whiskey in conjunction with one of Ireland’s last independent distilleries, West Cork Distillers.  The arrival has been met with much glee, and the whiskey was launched in the iconic Boogaloo pub, London, on Friday 24th July.  The whiskey will be sold internationally and sales info. will be available soon.  Visit the website here

Pics of launch below:







Shane & Pete Doherty 3Arena, Dublin.

Written by CatMac

On July 9th, Shane joined Pete Doherty and the Libertines onstage at their gig at the 3Arena, Dublin, to round off the festivities in rousing fashion! ( Pics:  Shane onstage with the Libertines and friends, and backstage at 3Arena).


Shane on RTE radio: Brendan O’Connor Show

Written by CatMac

Shane and his partner, Victoria Mary Clarke, spoke on the Brendan O’Connor show on July 17th about five songs that meant something to them.  The songs they chose were Astral Weeks, Van Morrison, Bad by U2, London You’re A Lady, The Pogues, Are You The One I’ve Waited For, by Nick Cave and a John Coltrane track.  They hosted Brendan and his team at their home.  Pics below.

Shane talks music with Victoria Mary Clarke

Written by CatMac

Shane talked on Victoria Mary Clarke’s ‘Art of Living’ radio show recently.  He talked about Irish music, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and his own music.  He was joined by singer-songwriter, Mundy.  Click on the link below to listen.

Shane talks Irish music, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline & more!