Gerry Conlon: 1st March 1954 – 21st June 2014

Gerry Conlon: 1st March 1954 – 21st June 2014

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  • On Mid-summer’s day, June 21st, we lost our dear friend, Gerry Conlon.  Gerry spent his young life in prison for a crime he did not commit, watched his father die in jail and his innocent cousins incarcerated.  He spent the rest of his life fighting for innocent souls still languishing in prisons over England and the world, the injustice of those held without trial, and any kind of racism, sexism, ageism or any crime against humanity.  He was a great humanitarian above any politics and railed against any and all inequalities.  It is fitting that a man who spent his life shedding light on injustice should leave this world on the longest day of year, one that offered most light.  May that perpetual light shine upon his soul.  Rest in peace, dear friend.

Victoria Clarke & Siobhan MacGowan remember, below:



I will remember Gerry Conlon as a man who revelled in living, a man with the most enthusiasm and zest for life, for people, for parties, for dancing, for playing the fool, for fun and games, for grabbing every moment by the balls, for being direct and telling people what he really thought, for demonstrating how he felt in any given situation and for being at the heart of our lives for a very long time, just after he was released from prison. Most of all I will remember Gerry as an example of how to be angry and active about injustices while still expressing joy at every available opportunity. That is indeed a rare thing. We still feel your presence and we will continue to do so. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Victoria.


This is a guy I was proud to call my friend. Even though he called me Goat Face. He had a heart like a bonfire, a soul that soared like a lightening bolt and a mind broad as the sky. His being no longer on this earth makes it a poorer place. God bless you Gerry, mo chara astore.  My love goes with you. Goat Face xxxxxx

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