The Pogues ... Sozzled, Broke And Bearing Up

Jamming Magazine

2 Nov, 1984

Me No Pop Eye


6 Apr, 1985

Mac The Mouth

The Sunday Tribune

2 Aug, 1987

The Pogues fall from grace with government


19 Nov, 1988

NME Talks To...


25 Feb, 1989

Jiggery Poguery

The Sunday Tribune

23 Jul, 1989

Demons who kiss Shane

Sunday Independent

14 Jan, 1990

Pope of all the Pogues

Sunday Independent

20 Jun, 1993

Popes, Pogues and Shane

Evening Press

9 Jul, 1993

Roamin' Catholic

Time Out

22 Sep, 1994

Shaney Mac

Rock 'n' Reel

2 Oct, 1994

Kick Ass Rock n' Roll


22 Oct, 1994


Melody Maker

22 Oct, 1994

ADDER FEW DRINKS - Shane and Johnny Depp


22 Oct, 1994

Mr Liverman


2 Nov, 1994

Rebellious Jukebox

Melody Maker

12 Nov, 1994

In praise of Shane

Irish Newspaper

24 Nov, 1994

Shane MacGowan and The Popes At the Olympia Theatre

Evening Press

25 Nov, 1994

"I've always been a Johnnie Walker fan"

Q Magazine

2 Dec, 1994

The Snake

The Vancouver Sun

12 Jan, 1995



24 Jun, 1995

The Snake

Philadelphia Inquiror

6 Jul, 1995

The Snake

Asbury Park Press

7 Jul, 1995

The Snake

The Santa Fe New Mexican

14 Jul, 1995


Boston Herald

11 Aug, 1995

Shane MacGowan back with sound and fury

The Boston Globe

11 Aug, 1995

The Snake

The Courier-Journal

19 Aug, 1995

MacGowan makes simple Irish classic

The San Francisco Chronicle

20 Aug, 1995

The Snake

People Magazine

21 Aug, 1995

The Snake

The Dayton Daily News

22 Aug, 1995

Menace to Sobriety - Shane MacGowan slurs through the motions

The Daily Californian

25 Aug, 1995

Rogue Awakenings

Tucson Weekly

7 Sep, 1995

Here Comes a Regular

Spin Magazine

2 Oct, 1995

Shane MacGowan and the Popes, The Snake

Rolling Stone

6 Nov, 1995

MacGowan wows sell-out crowd

The Denver Post

24 Nov, 1995

The Snake

Q Magazine

6 Dec, 1995

Ex-Pogue wild spirit blasts into Philly with his popes

An Scathan

6 Dec, 1995

They said I wouldn't get to 40...Now I'm having the last laugh

Daily Mirror

9 Aug, 1996

Victoria Clarke

Daily Telegraph

18 Oct, 1996

Between love and bait

The Times

17 Dec, 1996

Christmas Drinks with Shane

Evening Herald

19 Dec, 1996

The Crock of Gold - Press Release

ZZT Records

6 Sep, 1997


Hot Press

15 Oct, 1997

Shane MacGowan & the Popes: The Crock of Gold

The Daily Telegraph

25 Oct, 1997

15 Pints of Martini and a bag of crisps, please


2 Nov, 1997

Gold Bars

Hot Press, Ireland

6 Nov, 1997

Give 'em enough Pope


8 Nov, 1997


The Times of London- News International

14 Nov, 1997

Shane MacGowan Interview

The Irish World

21 Nov, 1997

Crock of Gold (Shane's Gonna send 'Em Home Sweatin')

Irish Post

29 Nov, 1997

One more for the road

The Telegraph

29 Nov, 1997

It's a long way from Tipperary

VOX magazine

6 Dec, 1997

Citizen Shane

RTE Guide

19 Dec, 1997

Happy Christmas to me

The Irish Post

27 Dec, 1997

He Will Not Go Gently

Irish Voice

6 Jan, 1998

Waiting for MacGowan

Rock 'n Reel

2 Apr, 1998

Religion in Rock Shane MacGowan, Lapsed Catholic turned Judao-Taoist perma-swigger fingers the spiritual dilemma at the heart of his art.

Q Magazine

2 May, 1998

The White Stuff

Stuff Magazine

2 Jun, 1998


London Fleadh (The Irish Post)

6 Jun, 1998

Rebel Yell

The Irish Post

26 Sep, 1998

Shane MacGowan at House of Blues

LA Weekly

6 Jun, 1999

The Mighty Mac

Irish Voice

9 Jun, 1999

Even sans Van, Fleadh was great fun

Boston Globe

21 Jun, 1999

The Forum, London

The Guardian

23 Dec, 1999

A man of many words and few teeth

The Guardian

5 Mar, 2000

Shane MacGowan and the Popes, Irving Plaza

New York Press

6 Dec, 2000

Punk rings true, renewed

The Boston Globe

6 Dec, 2000

Shane MacGowan gets the drinks in

The Guardian

11 Mar, 2001

Drinking in Shane's words

The Irish Times

13 Mar, 2001

MacGowan's St. Pat's Return

Rolling Stone

15 Mar, 2001

Bellies Up to the Bard


2 Apr, 2001

Dealing with His Leprechauns

Concert LiveWire

4 Mar, 2003

If He Should Fall From Grace...


11 Mar, 2003

Rock 'n' Roll Paddy

Seattle Weekly

18 Mar, 2003

Shane returns to paradise

The Scotsman

6 Jul, 2004

Pogues track wins Christmas poll

BBC News

16 Dec, 2004


Boston Globe

5 Mar, 2006

Shane's yule blog: where there's no smoke there's ire

The Guardian

13 Dec, 2006

Shane's yule blog: on a sad day there's still room for surprises

The Guardian

18 Dec, 2006

Fairytale of Kirsty

The Guardian

21 Dec, 2006

MacGowan And Doherty Pose Naked

Contact Music

23 Dec, 2006

Fairytale of New York in BBC Radio 2 Top 100 Songs!


10 Nov, 2009

Is Shane MacGowan the new Monty Don?

The Guardian

1 Dec, 2009

Shane MacGowan, Nick Cave and Johnny Depp team up for Haiti single

The Guardian

28 Jan, 2010

MacGowan's song to show Cowell


5 Mar, 2010

The Pogues star Shane MacGowan up for Classic Album Award

The Guardian

7 Apr, 2011

A Tribute To Shane MacGowan, Champion Boozer And Lyrical Genius

Sabotage Times

14 Aug, 2011

Shane MacGowan, interview: 'I've got a really good constitution'

The Telegraph

17 Aug, 2012

He Ain't Heavy: Hillsborough Charity Song

The Mirror

30 Oct, 2012

Shane MacGowan

Short List

15 Nov, 2012

Fairytale Of New York: 25th anniversary reissue bookie's favourite for Xmas No.1

Music Week

23 Nov, 2012

A Liquid Lunch: In Bed With Shane MacGowan

The Quietus

27 Nov, 2012

Shane MacGowan, Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski Tackle 'Leaving of Liverpool'

Rolling Stone

5 Dec, 2012

Fairytale of New York: the story behind the Pogues' classic Christmas anthem

The Guardian

6 Dec, 2012

MacGowan gets pirate Depp for shanty single

Irish Independent

9 Dec, 2012

'Fairtytale Of New York is a great record but I’m not the only person responsible'

The Sun

14 Dec, 2012

Still a Fairytale after 25 years, no thanks to Ronan

Irish Independent

15 Dec, 2012

The Pogues, O2 Arena, London

The Independent

21 Dec, 2012

The Pogues Review

The Guardian

21 Dec, 2012

Pogues Christmas favourite sells a million

The Telegraph

31 Dec, 2012

Live: The Pogues at the O2


9 Jan, 2013

Shane MacGowan's five things...

The Sun

25 Mar, 2013

Shane MacGowan teams up with Johnny Depp

Hot Press

1 Jul, 2013

Johnny Depp: 'Shane MacGowan is one of the most important poets of the 20th century'


7 Aug, 2013

Fairytale of Weatherfield: Shane Macgowan joins Corrie for Xmas

Daily Star

22 Oct, 2013

The Pogues at Manchester Apollo – review

The Guardian

16 Dec, 2013

Shane MacGowan's Fairytale of Weatherfield: an Irish rover in the Rovers Return

The Irish Times

18 Dec, 2013

The Pogues - Glasgow O2 Academy - Live Review

19 Dec, 2013

Shane MacGowan: My family values

The Guardian

20 Dec, 2013

The Pogues, gig review: 'A raucous, festive night'

The Independent

20 Dec, 2013

The Pogues, O2 Brixton, review

The Telegraph

20 Dec, 2013

It was Christmas Eve Babe

Irish Examiner

24 Dec, 2013

God’s Lucky Man: The 'charmed life' of Shane MacGowan

City Journal

4 Apr, 2014

Shane MacGowan, Cronin brothers and Joe Rooney create ultimate Euro 2016 song

Irish Post

15 Jun, 2016

30 years of Fairytale of New York: 10 true tales behind the Pogues' Christmas favourite


5 Dec, 2017

Shane MacGowan's 60th birthday concert: Johnny Depp, Nick Cave and more

the Irish Times

6 Dec, 2017

Shane MacGowan: 'My Christmas song is good, but it's not the best'

The Telegraph

8 Dec, 2017

Pogues' Fairytale of New York back in UK Top Ten


9 Dec, 2017

Podcast: Miriam meets Shane MacGowan and Victoria Mary Clarke


10 Dec, 2017

The Pogues’ Fairytale Of New York reminds me of what was, what is and what there could be

The Pool

13 Dec, 2017

Bruised, bloody but unbowed: the songs of Shane MacGowan will outlast us all

The Guardian

14 Jan, 2018

Shane MacGowan celebrates 60th birthday at Dublin bash


16 Jan, 2018

Johnny Depp, Sinead O'Connor and Bono among stars at Shane MacGowan's 60th birthday concert in Dublin

The Mirror

16 Jan, 2018

All the biggest music icons were at Shane MacGowan’s birthday gig


16 Jan, 2018

Shane MacGowan's 60th birthday bash

The Irish Times

16 Jan, 2018

Michael D presents Shane McGowan with lifetime award on emotional evening

16 Jan, 2018

Shane MacGowan's 60th birthday bash - an unforgettable night


16 Jan, 2018

Nick Cave, Johnny Depp and Bono perform at Shane MacGowan’s birthday concert

Belfast Telegraph

16 Jan, 2018

Johnny Depp tells of ‘great honour’ after performing at Shane MacGowan’s 60th birthday bash as A-listers party into the early hours after Dublin gig

The Sun

17 Jan, 2018

Review: Shane MacGowan's birthday bash a fitting tribute to a great of Irish music

The Irish News

17 Jan, 2018

Shane MacGowan wins Ivor Novello inspiration award


31 May, 2018

Shane MacGowan and Ed Sheeran win Ivor Novello awards

The Irish Times

31 May, 2018

Shane MacGowan's songwriting has been saluted by the stars

3 Jun, 2018

‘Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan’ Review: Julien Temple’s Rock Doc Looks for the Soul Behind the Pogues Leader’s Legendary Inebriation


2 Oct, 2020

'Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds With Shane MacGowan': Film Review

Hollywood Reporter

9 Nov, 2020

Review: Julien Temple’s Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

Slant Magazine

24 Nov, 2020

Julien Temple: 'People who are considered difficult are very rich subjects for a film'

The Guardian

29 Nov, 2020

Director Julien Temple tells a tale of Shane MacGowan worthy of a film

The Irish Examiner USA

1 Dec, 2020

Cartoons, cannibalism and The Clash: inside Julien Temple’s new Shane MacGowan doc


2 Dec, 2020

Crock of Gold - A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

2 Dec, 2020

Filmmaker Spotlight: Julien Temple on His Doc, Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

Below The Line

2 Dec, 2020

Crock Of Gold: A Few Rounds With Shane MacGowan

Film Ink

2 Dec, 2020

‘Crock of Gold’ Review: Shane MacGowan, Still Alive and Laughing

The New York Times

3 Dec, 2020

Crock Of Gold: A Few Rounds With Shane MacGowan


4 Dec, 2020

‘Crock of Gold’ Review: The Eternal Lost Weekend of Shane MacGowan

Rolling Stone

4 Dec, 2020

Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan review — a fairytale of song and self‑destruction

The Times

4 Dec, 2020

Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

4 Dec, 2020

Crock of Gold – A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan


4 Dec, 2020

Crock Of Gold: A Few Rounds With Shane MacGowan review

Film Stories

4 Dec, 2020

Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan review – a sombre salute

The Guardian

4 Dec, 2020

“Are you here for the whiskey or the crock of gold?”

5 Dec, 2020

Crock of Gold review – Shane MacGowan's colourful, chaotic life

The Guardian

6 Dec, 2020