Shane MacGowan at House of Blues

Source: LA Weekly
Author: Libby Molyneaux
Contributor: Marjorie Kauffman
Copyright: © LA Weekly 1999

He’s everything audiences want in their Irish heroes – except dead. Many predicted Shane MacGowan’s chronic boozing, which got him axed from the Pogues, would lead to an early, though somehow appropriate, demise. But Shane (and his liver) said bollocks to that, and he’s writing and singing like he’s not going anywhere for a long time (maybe that investment in dentition would be in order after all). He has a new album with the Popes in the can, though for his live shows you can expect plenty of memories from If I Should Fall From Grace With God and other Pogues classics from that chillingly and sadly beautiful voice, sung in his trademark position centerstage, pint glass nearby, with one hand grasping the microphone stand so as not to teeter. You sometimes feel you are there to witness an exercise in maintaining, yet Shane MacGowan has always been firmly in control of his art. Maybe one day the documentary he made with Johnny Depp, A Drink With Shane, will be released and we’ll get to know a little more about what makes Shane MacGowan tick. Until then, raise a glass.